How to improve my Lead Ads Quality?


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You can improve your Lead Ads Quality following this best practices:

  • Turn on higher intent for Lead Form Type. You can select between More Volume or Higher Intent depending on the strategy. The second one will give you better quality. 
  • Ask a short answer that is similar to the auto-filled info (if on More Volume)

    Tip: Ask for really necessary information. You can add more questions for more friction, but the quality is not good. Take into account just to add necessary questions. 
  • Remove Facebook in-stream video placements
  • Add a Greeting to your Lead Form
  • Adjust your audience targeting. You can select between Interest, Look a Like or Retargeting.

  • Take advantage of Call to Action. Bet on visual content, use eye-catching buttons.

  • Conversion Goal: Send to a landing page with lead form

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