How to Create images from AI?


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The AI image ad feature is like having a built-in AI Canva at your fingertips. It simplifies and accelerates the creation of image ad templates, incorporating text, logos, and customization options.

The process begins with a simple switch from video to image mode. This feature is compatible with Facebook, Google Display, and Instagram. By making this transition, you unlock a powerful tool to streamline your ad creation process.

Once you've selected the image option, you're prompted to upload a base image and your brand logo. The AI takes care of the rest by automatically incorporating headlines and descriptions into your ad. 

Step by step:

  1. Navigate to the ad creation section and go into the Creative option.
  2. Locate the option to switch from video to image mode.
  3. Select Create images from AI option.
  4. Upload an Image and your brand Logo.
  5. Explore customization options: Headlines, descriptions, call to action, brand and text color.
  6. Hit Generate and you will access different combinations of your image!
  7. Select the images you want to use and that’s it!

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